Explore Peterhof: Home of Russia’s Peter the Great


Here’s my article on Peterhof, the home of Russian Emperor Peter the Great, which was taken from the Chester County Independent:

Peterhof, the magnificent winter home of Peter I, also known as Peter the Great, (1672-1725) is often called the “Versailles by the Sea.” Known as the favorite residence of czars, the palace is an example of 18th – 19th century architectural style. Approximately 30 buildings and pavilions cover over a 1,000 hectares in this park ensemble. Over 100 sculptures claim a spot in the gardens.

St. Petersburg is where you’ll feel Russia’s European influences and aspirations. Founded in 1703 by Peter the Great, the city was called his “window to the west.” Canals were dug to drain the marshy south bank. In 1712 Peter made this place his capital, forcing administrators, nobles and merchants to move to this northern outback and build new homes. Architects and artisans came from all over Europe and the result is a city that remains one of Europe’s most beautiful.

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Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Legacy

A bust of Laura Ingalls Wilder (FILE)

A bust of Laura Ingalls Wilder (FILE)

I recently took a trip to Missouri and loved it. See my article on Laura Ingles Wilder for Missouri Life:

“No matter what age, readers look for the same qualities in books: a compelling plot, interesting characters, vivid imagery, and a genuine page-turner. You hate to read the last page because the characters have become friends.

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