Holly Frew: International aid worker ‘built’ in Alabama


Holly Frew (Photo courtesy of CARE)

Meet Holly Frew, a communications officer for the humanitarian group CARE. I chat with her about her missionary and disaster relief trips in my latest piece for The Alabama Baptist.

Assisting with recovery efforts in Haiti following the destruction created by Hurricane Matthew is just one of the latest disaster areas in 37-year-old Holly Frew’s life.

The former Alabama Baptist serves as the emergency communications officer for Cooperative for Assistance and Relief Everywhere (CARE), an international humanitarian organization based out of Atlanta. She attributes the preparation for her life’s work to her upbringing at home and as part of Gardendale First Baptist Church.

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Feeding Hungry Children: Churches aid Alabama Childhood Food Solutions in feeding 3,000 children

Photo courtesy of Alabama Childhood Food Solutions

Photo courtesy of Alabama Childhood Food Solutions

The following is an excerpt from my Alabama Baptist article “Feeding Hungry Chidren: Churches aid Alabama Childhood Food Solutions in feeding 3,000 children.”

Jim Jones has spent a lifetime mak- ing a difference. When Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, Birming- ham, was bombed in 1963, Jones was the nurse on duty. At that time, African-Americans were not admit- ted to UAB Hospital. But when ambulances arrived with injured and dying children on that fateful day, Jones decided to treat everyone. And because of his decision the hospital policy changed. One man made a difference that affected thousands who needed medical care in the years to come.

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