The Cherry on Top: A growing industry around the country

Photo courtesy of Northwest Cherry Growers

Photo courtesy of Northwest Cherry Growers

Take a look at this article I did for Growing Magazine on the cherry industry:

On the average, there are 7,000 cherries on each cherry tree; 250 cherries make one pie; each tree makes 28 pies. If the average U.S. consumer eats 1 pound annually, this adds up to approximately 260 million pounds annually. Americans demand cherries—and growers are filling those expectations.

Often referred to as America’s Super Fruit, cherries are rising in popularity due to the recent focus on health-promoting properties of antioxidants. Instead of relying on fruits from foreign markets, health and nutrition experts advise consumers to look for American-grown fruit. An alternative to exotic berries grown and marketed in a foreign rainforest, the cherry packs a lot of nutrition. Plus, it’s available year-round as dried, canned, frozen and in juice.

Another reason for its popularity is that February is American Heart Month and also National Cherry Month. Could the simple cherry one day be the cure for diseases that affect the body? Scientists suggest that this fruit may offer powerful heart-health benefits that provide answers to the mysteries of illness.
With greater emphasis on the health and nutritional benefits of cherries, it’s not surprising that growers are planting more trees and cherry production has increased.”
To read the full article, click here.
Carolyn Tomlin is a Jackson, Tennessee-based author that has been writing and publishing since 1988. She has authored 19 books and more than 4,000 articles in magazines such as Entrepreneur, Kansas City Star, American Profile, Tennessee Home & Farm, Home Life, Mature Living, ParentLife and many others. 

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