The Toys We Remember


(Mike Mozart / Flickr)

It’s been said that we never forget a memory. Instead, it’s just tucked away in our subconscious where one of our five senses will suddenly focus on a nostalgic thought. For me, it happened while browsing an antique shop and seeing a booth of old toys displayed.

On a top shelf, a Betsy Wetsy doll stood with the original baby bottle. Clothed in a diaper and flannel gown, the sleepy blue eyes open and shut. With soft, plastic-like skin and jointed limbs, the baby doll actually drank liquid. For little girls who aspired to be a “mommy” one day, this topped the list.

Nearby, a Slinky waited to be put on a staircase and gently nudged. If a child was fortunate to receive this novelty and lived in a two-story house, rainy days didn’t matter.

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Carolyn Tomlin is a Jackson, Tennessee-based author that has been writing and publishing since 1988. She has authored 19 books and more than 4,000 articles in magazines such as Entrepreneur, Kansas City Star, American Profile, Tennessee Home & Farm, Home Life, Mature Living, ParentLife and many others.  You can purchase her full-length works here.

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